I'll be just fine.

I thought I would share something a little different this morning. Today is my little boy's birthday, he turns four. Two weeks ago my other little guy turned five, and just around the corner Baby Girl will be three. So, needless to say, Momma is stuck in the "it's going by too fast" zone. I was going through their baby books the other day and I found this poem I wrote when Asher (four year old) had just taken his first steps. I've had a good cry over it this morning and thought it was only fair if others cried too, so this is for all of the overly-emotional mothers out there. Grab your babies and hug them until they plead with you to stop.

There it was, right then, did you see that Dear?
Just one, his first, but not his last I fear,
That tiny foot met the ground, and took a step,
But why did my heart fall, when it should have leapt?

One small step, more will follow soon,
His goal today, a dinosaur, but tomorrow the moon,
Let me jot that down, the date and time,
No Dear, don’t worry, I’ll be just fine.

There it was, right then, did you see My Love?
Our son, he caught it; out from his glove!
You both worked so hard, and practice made right,
He’s won the game, he’s a champion tonight!

One victory perhaps, but more will come,
Greatness follows the bond of a father & son,
But he’ll always remember this one, this time,
No Dear, don’t worry, I’ll be just fine.

There he is, right there, you see Sweetheart?
Our boy, on that stage.  So strong.  So smart.
In his cap and gown, diploma in hand,
Not our boy, you’re right, he’s now a man.

One phase is complete, but there is more still ahead,
College, wife, children perhaps; more tears I’m sure to shed,
But my heart will not forget today, or this moment in time,
No Dear, don’t worry, I’ll be just fine.

There he goes, right now, I know you’re watching Dear,
Our baby, down that aisle, with his bride so near,
Such a beautiful service, such a beautiful start,
To their lives together, and to our lives apart.

One chapter is opening, but nothing has closed,
My baby he will always be, I hope he always knows,
He’s frozen in my heart and mind, at each moment in time,
No Dear, don’t worry, I’ll be just fine.

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